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China’s Animation Industry

November 7th, 2015 Leave a comment Go to comments

I think it is about time for some lighthearted subject matter. I have written awhile back that China’s so-called censorship does not stop creativity, rather it is the lack of “environment” that is the biggest bottle neck. One can talk about innovation, creativity, freedom etc but without a viable market there would be no cutting edge artistic commercial creation. My favorite for 2015 is Monkey King: Hero is Back (西游记之大圣归来).

If you guys have kids, you should watch it with them. You will not regret it. Either way enjoy the trailer here which is in English:

Also read this article for more info:

“The top-grossing international feature film was neither Ant-Man nor Minions this weekend; it was a Chinese 3-D live-action/animation hybrid called Monster Hunt. Below is its insane trailer which includes a man-giving-birth-to-a-cartoon scene:

Led by Monster Hunt’s $72 million debut, China enjoyed its highest-grossing single-day gross ever on Saturday. To put that into perspective, Monster Hunt earned more in China alone this weekend than Minions did from over 50 international territories combined.”

Also read this comment from that article:
Mightyflog • 4 months ago
Living in the US I have to say it is more restrictive. I mean how many foreign made films do we get in the US at the theatre? We don’t get Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc epics in our theatres, yet in all these other countries they get our movies all the time. So despite communist China restricting some movies coming to theatres the fact is the US although not restrictive does not bring other movies to the US. Plus in China I can go on the street and buy movies from all over the world. I can’t do that even in the US.

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  1. Panopticon
  2. November 9th, 2015 at 09:19 | #2

    Thanks for the addition.

  3. pug_ster
    November 10th, 2015 at 07:06 | #3

    I recall that I start seeing some games and movie credits having some Chinese names in them, so many western companies start outsourcing Chinese animators to do their work. The problem with the China’s animation industry is the theme of the content which is related to the Chinese culture or history. Japan’s Nintendo managed to appeal to broader audience like Mario, Donkey Kong and Zelda managed because it has nothing to do with Japan’s culture or history.

  4. November 10th, 2015 at 14:47 | #4

    Well, I just want to add that the animators Firstly have to appeal to its domestic market first. Mainland China’s animation and entertainment market have been quite under developed for the last 30 years or so. And you are correct in your observation that Chinese contractors have been doing animation works for Hollywood. In fact, it is these guys that produced these animation hits here.

    The biggest hit TV series (琅琊榜) this year is also very Chinese themed. There is a huge vacuum for Chinese themed entertainment products. So far one of the most successful animation series (秦时明月) was also Qin period. http://www.soku.com/search_video/q_%E7%A7%A6%E6%97%B6%E6%98%8E%E6%9C%88?f=1&kb=04114030kv41000__qinxi&_rp=1444958108936hKBkZW

    Anyway, one of Japan’s animation greatest hit, Dragonball was based on a Chinese character also.

    In the future when the market started getting saturated we will see a more evolved products definitely. Just be patience. Give it a few more years. Just like COMAC C919, it will take awhile for C929, C939 or C949 to appear.

    Bear in mind also that these animation companies are pretty much in its infancy. They still have very limited marketing muscles compare to Hollywood.

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