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Western Propaganda on “ISIS Breeding” in Xinjiang and Belgium

I thought that I would like to go to this article by the Atlantic about Belgium before the terrorists attack.


This is a well known problem with ISIS a “breeding ground” for terrorists because western countries decides to turn their back on western funded terrorists in Syria.  Even the Belgium PM says that: “This is a gigantic problem. Apart from prevention, we should also focus more on repression.”  After this terrorist attack, it seems that Belgium now has kept its word.  Of course western propaganda didn’t seem to criticize the Belgium cracking down on these terrorists.


This recent story about Bob Woodruff from ABC to make a documentary about China ‘cracking down’ on its people.  This is the same kind of ‘repression’ that many Western countries has done and even western propagandist like Mr. Woodruff portray that the Chinese government is responsible.

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