Blowback: America’s Failed Foreign Policy Comes Full Circle

In the wake of the worst shooting massacre in Orlando nightclub, we start seeing mass killings done by mentally sick individuals change to ISIS sympathizers.  It started from the 2015 San Bernardino shooting whose roots come from Pakistan and this shooting comes from a person whose roots come from Afghanistan.

Countries like Pakistan and Afghanistan were significantly altered as the result of the wars after 9/11.  President Bush has altered the landscape of these countries and including Iraq which has created many of these ISIS sympathizers caused terrorist attacks within Europe.  Only now these sickos started to come full circle back here in the US.

President Obama and his Secretary of State Clinton has made this problem worse by supporting terrorists in Libya and Syria.  The difference between Obama and Bush was that Bush spent money in trying to rebuild Afghanistan and Iraq.  Obama and Clinton cares little about rebuilding countries that he destroyed and pulled troops and resources from these countries as well as countries that was devastated by Bush, creating the mass refugee migration to Europe and allowed terrorist organization like ISIS to fester to a cancer now which Europe and US are struggling to try to contain.

When will America wake up that the failed leaders causing this problem in the first place?  Even western propaganda knows that these homegrown ISIS inspired terrorists attacks won’t be the last.   In our election cycle, we have one presidential candidate who wants to ban all Muslims while another candidate will continue Obama’s failed foreign policy.  So at least for the next 4 years, we will be screwed.

6 thoughts on “Blowback: America’s Failed Foreign Policy Comes Full Circle

  1. My answer to your question : “When will America wake up …”. I have been in US for 30 years now, and I don’t think that will ever happen until after WWIII. Although I have to admit, Trump is closer to the wake up than Hillary!

  2. I don’t know about WWIII. The problem is that Europe and many of America’s vassal states allowed America to ‘prosper’ at their expense. Meanwhile more smaller countries are going to be screwed before America wakes up. Both Democrats and Republicans are bringing America down the toilet anyways, just have to see who will do it faster.

    One thing the western propaganda didn’t mention is that how the Orlando Law Enforcement really screwed this up. The terrorist went inside the nightclub at around 2:00am and the Law Enforcement didn’t barge in until 5:00am. The terrorist was probably seen carrying an assault rifle before he went inside the nightclub, there were popping noises inside the nightclub, the terrorist proclaimed that he is an ISIS terrorist, and people from the inside begging for the Police to barge in. The Police let people inside the nightclub get shot up, waited for 3 hours and allowed the people inside to bleed themselves to death. Can you call this incident incompetence?

  3. Talking about western propaganda. I love Obama’s rant about his fake war on ISIS.

    He claims that he is bombing the hell out of ISIS while ISIS roams free on some border crossing between Turkey and Syria while countries like Qatar and Saudi Arabia funds these terrorists. Of course, morons on both sides of the Aisle don’t care.

  4. I await the autopsy reports. It’s true that it’s ridiculous for the SWAT team to take 3 hours to storm against 1 lone gunman. I suspect probably half of the deaths were due to loss of blood rather than direct shots to vital organs. I also wonder whether any hostages were shot by the rescuers when they storm in in a hale of bullets. Florida is one of those open carry states where you can purchase and carry fire arm openly, so much for the fiction of NRA on good guy with weapons defending against bad guys which happens only in movies.

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