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Trump Presidency and why is it a good thing for China and America.

Many Americans by now are protesting Trump presidency, complaining in social media and especially in the Calexit vote.  Many people are figuring out ways to leave the country and it seems that Western Media forgot why Trump was elected in the first place.

The Democratic party was the party who represented the poor people.  It wasn’t until President (Bill) Clinton who drafted NAFTA which allowed jobs to be shipped overseas and de-regulating wall Street.  These policies are more Republican than democratic which would not be possible even under President Reagan.  Now we have Obama did didn’t do a damn thing about it, in fact, want to enact the TPP which would further screw the poor people and Hillary Clinton would further continue Obama’s failed policies.

Trump’s message to the rustbelt is to convey those messages that Hillary would continue Obama and Bill Clinton failed domestic policies and decided to vote for him instead.   What remains to be seen is that if Trump will actually promise to bring the jobs back.  However within the DNC there is already a revolt that the corporate eliteists who colluded with the Media are already on its way out.  If the democrats are smart, they should go back to the grass roots and appeal to the downtrodden instead of appealing to the corporate elites.

Many people believe that Republicans are bigger war hawks than the Democrats.  This is entirely false.  Since Obama became president, there has been many countries which has been destabilized including the Arab Spring uprising in many Middle Eastern countries.  Many other countries has been thrown to disarray like Libya, Syria, Honduras, Venezuela, Brazil, Ukraine and etc…  To maintain American Hegemony, Obama has been causing this problem to the rest of the world including the Asian Pivot as well as funding the NDI in the ‘localists’ movement.  Many republicans want to maintain American hegemony by being dominant in business and making money.  The problem with Democrats is that they are funded by the defense industries in selling Arms and using proxies instead of American troops to destabilize other countries, which would cause more of an blowback to America.

I would predict that in the next 4 years that many the South China Seas dispute would not be in the headlines and many Asian Countries would settle their disputes in a bilateral manner instead of dragging the UN into this.  In the North Korea issue, I would predict that the 6 party talks would start and the US would have a less heavy handed response than Obama would.  I would also predict that the ‘localists’ movement in Hong Kong would plateau and perhaps it will eventually die down.

Within the next 4 years in the US, I would predict that Trump is a Businessman who will probably ignore the rustbelt states, largely reneging its promise to bring jobs back to the US.  The voters in those states are there to remind us that they are hurting and America should focus on domestic issues rather maintaining its global hegemony like what the Democrats are doing.  Hopefully the Democrats will clean house and bring back candidates who can bring real change and not corporate elitists like Obama and the Clintons.  I also expect the next 4 years would be chaotic, but I have a saying: “You can’t get rid of dead wood in the forest unless you have a forrest fire.”  Maybe a forest fire is the exact thing we need.

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  1. N.M.Cheung
    November 11th, 2016 at 18:54 | #1

    I have to sadly disagree with your conclusions, and it will not be 4 years but probably 4 months after Jan 20 inauguration to tell who’s right. my predictions are,
    1. Defense budgets will increase by 20%. You can infer from that whether foreign adventures will decrease.
    2. Tax cuts for the 1%, probably some minimal infrastructure plan, plus cuts in entitlements. Look at the stock market, the defense industry stocks are jumping.
    3. Paris accord will be scrapped. Climate change ignored.
    4. South China Sea may be temporarily quieter, but there will be a wall, a tariff wall.
    5. Dodd/Frank will be repealed, banking stocks are also jumping. It will be bad for China and America.

  2. Rhan
    November 11th, 2016 at 20:35 | #2

    I don’t know much about USA, purely observation along the years, does USA President really that powerful and could change the course of the country direction and policy easily? After all the hoo-ha, what and how Obama “change” USA?

  3. alanking
    November 11th, 2016 at 22:06 | #3

    obamas “change u can believe in” is exactly that – to be believed in only, as they are not real. With Trump, i suspect righy away “assad must go” policy will be gone, and so is “putin is Hitler n we need sanctions on Russia” will also likely be gone. Unfortunately for China, one of Trumps advisers is the Sinophobe Peter Navarro, so i think there will be more problem on that front. His China is a currency manipulator follows the logic of Navarro. I hope Xi and his people understand what they will be up against.

  4. pug_ster
    November 12th, 2016 at 05:46 | #4


    China was always been blamed as a currency manipulator by previous administrations and by Trump’s administration will be no different. China will deal accordingly.


    I am not sure what will happen to the defense budget, but I don’t believe there won’t be much of an increase because the US won’t get involved in NATO, defending South Korea and Japan. I’m sure that Russia would try to negotiate with EU for some kind of peace and China would get the upper hand in negotiate peace in the Korean Peninsula.

    As for the issues within the US, I said that a “forest fire” is coming and people are waking up to the fact that there is a strong disconnect between the people and the Media/Elite/1%. Within the DNC, they already voted for Keith Ellison a progressive for the party chair and they are going back to the grass roots to the rustbelt states to try to win back votes. Yes, now the crooks at the Republican Party is running the government instead of the Democrats, but I believe that there will be some turburance before it will get better.

  5. November 12th, 2016 at 22:19 | #5


    Good points … Can one person change history? Or do different people simply pop up as figureheads convenient to the flow of history?

    Most of the time leaders are of the second sort. We’ll see if Trump rise up to become one of the first sort…

  6. pug_ster
    December 7th, 2016 at 06:49 | #6


    Looks like Terry Brandstad will be the next China’s Ambassador. Probably the best person that China can hope for since he knew Xi personally for decades.

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