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Spring Gala, Race, and Cultural Brain Washing

During the recent spring gala on CCTV1, one episode portraying friendship between China and Africa caused some backlashes mostly from liberals and America educated Chinese students on whether China was insensitive or was racism. To me it’s instructive that actually it shows the U.S. centric view on culture and the brain washing or propaganda that most are unaware.
To be abhorrent of blackface argument one must know its history rather than accept it without understanding and then condemn it. In U.S., especially South, mixing of blacks and whites in social settings were discouraged if not unlawful until late 1950s. There were separate bathrooms for different races, blacks have to move to the rear of buses in public transportations. Vaudeville shows using black faces to portrait black characters to avoid hiring real black actors. So use of black faces in movies, especially better paying roles by whites were normal. Othello were played by white actors in the movies until 1995. Paul Robeson was the only exception playing Othello in theatres before 1960. This is why black face is a symbol of discrimination in U.S.. It was different in Europe where black singers and actors perform with acclaim. In Africa, white men playing black doesn’t exist and certainly is a cause for laughter than insult.
Of course some Chinese in U.S. being under constant cultural brain washing also inherit the same narrative of viewing blacks as lower class. preferring white as a standard of beauty, social class, and intelligence. As for China herself, the preference of whiter skin has everything to do with class. Those working in the field under the sun have darker skins than those indoor or under parasols.
China as Xi stated want to contribute to a better world and help African countries to be developed by building up their infrastructures. West can only seen from their own perspective that everything has to do with profit motive, so China must has ulterior motive. As anyone who knows “Journey to the West”, that monkey king is a positive character and not like in West a derogatory term of subhuman. Furthermore it was revealed it was played by a Chinese actor. As for the black woman she need to be fluent in Mandarin to convey the meaning of the skit. It certainly would be more racism to be portrayed by someone who is black speaking in halting Chinese.
It’s unfortunate those liberals brainwashed in U.S., and taking offense in anything Chinese government trying to do, whether aiding Africa, eliminating poverty at home, or fighting corruption from their lens of so called phony human rights.

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  1. alanking
    March 3rd, 2018 at 22:16 | #1

    If there is anything even more powerful or successful then the US military, it is the US media, aka MSM. The US media is recognized as the beacon of free press, and hels at high esteem by almost the whole world. But fact is it has been the best Propaganda machine in history. The best propaganda is one where hardly anyone recognize it as propaganda, well thats what the msm has turned into over the past 30 years or so. Even when people realize their news souce is providing bad or fake news ( ex Saddam has WMDs etc) people continue to treat it as dependable source of information! I find it funny, or perhaps illogical, to find people basically have this strange belief with the western msm – a Serbian will complain about bias in us news on Serbians, a Russian wwpuld complain it is bias and full of fake news on Russia, a Chinese would then say its full of prejudice on China news, an iranian will say its full of BS about Iran, and so on, and yet, almost all of them would then go believe everything else from the same sources about other countries! Its totally bizarre. I mean if you found a weatherman to be totally unreliable about weather in ypur area, why would you then go ahead and trust the same weatherman for weather elsewhere! But thats exactly how people treat the msm!

  2. N.M.Cheung
    March 4th, 2018 at 19:57 | #2

    There were about 330,00 Chinese students in U.S. during 2015/2016, most of them supported by their family costing over $40,000/yr. I would guess growing up in China in a hot greenhouse environment they can easily fall under the propaganda, drugs, pornography, and Western liberal values. The recent graduation speech of University of Maryland student can attest to that, so are some of the tragic stories of suicides and murders. I do not mind the censorship practiced in China, but I do wish she would expose the younger generation to some of the vaccines for viruses to generate some immunity against them. When I was in China in the 50s in the middle school I already knew plenty of Chinese history. Knowing the history of Opium Wars and their effect on Chinese forever immunize me against drug or even smoking.

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