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Huawei’s ban and China’s reliance of American technology

Since Huawei has been put in the “entities list,” by the US government, many US based companies has stopped doing business with Huawei including Xilinx, Qualcomm, Google, and Intel. Unlike last year’s fiasco with ZTE because of issues with ZTE doing business with Iran, this is nothing to do with Huawei’s wrongdoing by the US government. Since the news of ZTE broke has year, Huawei has developed solutions to mitigate this problem.

  1. Huawei has https://www.scmp.com/tech/big-tech/article/3010507/huaweis-day-reckoning-arrives-it-has-been-preparing-almost-year stockpiled on American made parts ahead of this notice for up to 12 months. So Huawei’s 5g equipment disruption won’t be affected in the short term.
  2. Huawei has made substantial mitigation in terms of keeping smartphone business alive. Huawei has developed its own Kirin SOC’s for their smartphones and had developed HongMeng OS to replace Android OS as a replacement. HongMeng OS was developed as an Open platform of Android much like Amazon’s Fire OS on its devices. However, being locked out from google’s play store doesn’t mean that you cannot install play store in its OS much like how you can do it on Fire OS. Furthermore, ARM holdings has developed a JV with
    Hou An Innovation Fund so it allows Chinese manufacturers to develop its own version of ARM chips in the future.
  3. Huawei’s Matebook’s future is uncertain as Intel has joined the blockade. AMD-China joint venture has produced Hygon Dhyana CPU’s along with Via-China joint venture produced the ZhaoXin CPU’s might come up in the future. As Microsoft did not join in the blockade as of this moment, Huawei can still sell Windows PC on one of these types of CPU’s.

Made in China 2025 policy is designed because they want to reduce on foreign technologies in case of situations like this would occur. It would only further China to re-double efforts for China to ween away from American technology. The only question is would the Chinese government do if trade talks if China and US would further break down.

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  1. N.M.Cheung
    May 20th, 2019 at 13:00 | #1

    Well I anticipated this day was coming and I think that was why “China 2025” was conceived. 9/11 delayed the effort of neocons by more than 15 years and gave China room to maneuver, otherwise it will be much more difficult to overcome. There were debates in China between self sufficiency and globalists on the cost and necessity. I think now this debate is over. I don’t know whether Xi will meet with Trump during G20 in June, but I don’t think there will be any agreement given Bannon’s thesis is in full effect. Both parties in U.S. have taken the anti-China position so the election of 2020 won’t matter. China was favoring the Republicans hoping money will entice Wall Street to slow the anti-China train but given China’s rise the collision is inevitable. 5G will be a test case whether U.S. technology or alternative internet can independently develop. We saw the panic reaction of Pence wanting to beat China back to the moon, and 5G is also a desperate gamble which will fail.

  2. pug_ster
    May 20th, 2019 at 20:55 | #2



    I thought that this is kind of funny. Xi Jinping visits a rare earth minerals facility hours after companies starting to ban Huawei. Afterwards, the commerce dept delays the trade ban on Huawei for 90 days. Does that mean that China can go nuclear on American companies also?

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