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My Thoughts on Trump’s Impeachment in the Implications on China.

September 27th, 2019 Leave a comment Go to comments

It seems that Trump has really screwed up this time. I’m not going to go details of this but unlike the first ‘election interference’ with Russia during the 2016 elections which doesn’t seem to gel, this one seems so blatant and so clear, his fellow Republicans didn’t really defend him this time.

It is very likely that the Democratic Led House will push through the articles of Impeachment before the end of the year but the firewall is the Republican Led Senate is the only thing holding him back from Impeachment. This is very different from Clinton’s Impeachment when Clinton tries to lie his way to cover up his affair, but more like Nixon’s Impeachment on Watergate.

The problem with Trump is that he is not a true blooded Republican, as he previously supported many New York Democrats and many Republicans don’t like his spending or Tariffs. So with little love from his fellow Republicans, what will happen with his supporters in the Republican Senate? Will they throw Trump under the bus in order to save themselves?

Let’s say if Trump do get impeached, Pence will become president. Pence is not an idiot compared to Trump and Pence won’t gain favors within China. I’ve said that Trump is the best thing to China since Nixon because of his idiotic foreign policies but Pence will not be the same. So I am kind of hoping that Trump staying in office for another year until he gets elected out but you will never know.

P.S. My bet is that Bolton is the whistleblower.

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  1. October 3rd, 2019 at 10:49 | #1

    I know you don’t want to get into it, but I disagree that Trump did anything “so blatant and so clear” that he needs to be impeached.

    From the legal perspective, I have always thought he did nothing wrong. His legal team obviously think that as this morning, Trump just announced in public that he wishes Ukraine and China investigates the Bidens.

    Let me put it this way: the Democrats thinks that Trump did something blatantly and clearly wrong by abusing his office and trying to get a “foreign power” to attack his political rivals and interfere with the democratic process. (To be honest, the power doesn’t have to be “foreign” per se. If Trump were to order the CIA to do the same thing, that would be impeachable too. But the foreign aspect adds an extra dimension, or conspiring with outside forces to attack America. But foreign interference is even sexier.)

    Ok. I get that…

    But what if the fact is that Trump is reaching out to foreign governments for information that they uniquely have on illegal, even criminal doings, of U.s. citizens that endangers American national interests? The U.S. President has the power to do that. Sure.

    This is what we know for a FACT: a senior American official (Biden) sought out a foreign power and abused his office to get kickbacks and “deals” by applying pressures on the foreign power in his capacity as senior government official. It’s an abuse of office. And it’s an attack on American interests, holding hostage American interests for his own private interests. A sitting US president has the right to investigate that … to work with foreign government to bring forth evidence of wrong doing.

    Trump is only wrong if he is doing it only for political gain. But is he? There is definitely enough facts as it stand to say something smells funny. A sitting president should have the right to legitimately to “drain the swamp” – to fetch out deep-rooted corruption in the U.S. … no?

  2. KeepAmericaGreat
    November 9th, 2019 at 22:45 | #2

    Obviously Orange Man Bad. Your analysis is flawed and biased. Trump being impeached because the Democrats cannot win in the next election.

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