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Covid-19 Exists Long Before It Came To Wuhan

While western media wants to portray that China is making up ‘conspiracy theories’ about the origins of the Coronavirus coming to the US, many epidemiologists will point otherwise. However, the fact is that many pandemics start locally and it takes some time before it spreads worldwide and it usually starts in small wave(s) before it goes critical. Here are several instances of such outbreaks.

  1. Oct-Dec 2019, Italy.


This outbreak happened in Northern Italy in the last 3 months of 2019 where hundreds more people got hit with the same symptoms. Because the virus has spread unabated, the recent second wave got hit very hard to Northern Italy and spread to neighboring countries including Switzerland, Germany, and Spain,

However, the Chinese believe this virus spread within Wuhan as the result of the Military Games in October 2019 and it comes from the US. In fact, many point out with the closure of Fort Detrick because of how it handles hazardous pathogens last August.

2) Virginia, US June/July 2019.

Another “mysterious illness’ with the same coronavirus symptoms happened in Late June/Early July in Greenspring retirement home.


As the result of this outbreak, 3 people died and more than 80 elderly and staff got sick. Many people point to a security officer who works in Fort Belvoir which is very close to this nursing home as the source of the infection.

[Editor’s note: rolling updates on coronavirus timeline]


New York:

New Jersey:


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  1. Charles Liu
  2. April 19th, 2020 at 10:41 | #2

    Could the coronavirus be circulating in California much earlier than previously thought – in December or even earlier?

    Some think so.


    Preliminary results from a Stanford study in Santa Clara County appear to show that the vast majority of COVID-19 cases have gone undetected in the county and that between 2.5-4.2% of the residents already has contracted the virus.


    What does this prove? The research above is pushed by a researcher motivated in showing that if the virus is established in California much earlier than reported, then the virus must have been established even earlier in China – which proves Trump’s point that China has been misleading the world and under-reporting.

    In the end, I hope the truth comes out. I still hold out hope that genomic testing eventually will eventually settle the question where the virus started …

  3. Charles Liu

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