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Random Thoughts after Democratic Convention

With the Democratic Convention over and Republican next it’s obvious China is the target for both parties. as I am a Maoist in theory but just a petite Bourgeoise in practice I can’t help but thinking about the future for U.S.. All the kumbaya and stirring speeches belies the fact the pandemic exposes the chasm in American society and bleak future despite records keep breaking in the DOW.
Professor Chen Ping recently stoked backlash against him when he claimed income of 2,000/month Yuans which is approximately $300 in Shanghai might not be bad compare $3,000/month in Los Angeles which I totally agree as you have to live in U.S. for a while to appreciate his humor and irreverence. Most Chinese have no idea U.S. is no utopia and sliding toward a cliff. I lived in NYC and when driving into Manhattan faced panhandlers on almost every other red light. Last night during dinner my niece who is married to an Irishman and teleworking from her $5,000/month luxury apartment commented of all the homeless living in empty hotels and her colleagues rather than brave through the unwashed are leaving in drove to the suburbs. Compare that with all the crowds in water park in Wuhan I am not optimistic about New York, with rent moratorium and eviction over soon and homeless will swell like a tsunami.
I guess the nth QE will slow the deterioration somewhat as long as the rich around the world will squirrel their loot in U.S. and keep the dollar afloat as reserve currency, but that is more under assault. I do hope China starts soon to divest those dollars and bonds.
I am not a Trumpie and wish the democrats well. At least their management will be gradual slide rather than an explosion like in Beirut. Any vaccine will not fundamentally change the direction of the slide. The ultimate human rights is the right to life, not some meaningless vote.

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  1. August 26th, 2020 at 10:41 | #1

    We can compare a few things to appreciate. Maybe I will do a post on this…

    Cost of a meal?

    Cost of an emergency room visit?

    Cost of a house?

    Cost of transportation?

    Cost of education?

    Medical costs are truly insane here. You don’t get more per se, but the costs are just insane.

    I am very worried about the U.S. as well. Worried about the future of my family, my friends, my community, etc.

    There is a cancer spreading in U.S. politics. It’s been there for some time – a few decades at least.

    I liked Obama’s speech. This election is about American democracy. I voted for Trump to “clear the swamp.” But now we know, the only way the swamp can be cleared in a democracy is by the people. No one will do it. But can the people do it? I don’t see it…

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