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Spectacular Shanghai

I took the following photos of Shanghai’s Lujiazui and Bund areas on July 30th. (h/t to Shaun Rein for recommending the Hyatt where I took the night shots and 龙信明 for taking me up to the 91st floor of the World Financial Center.) It was a beautiful day in Shanghai with fog completely gone, showing a pristine blue sky with white clouds lazily meandering about. Emperor Qianlong left his writings at the Shaolin Temple proclaiming his greatness, for during his visit, rain finally poured in Henan Province ending months of drought. Well, I hence forth proclaim my visit has brought Shanghai spectacular blue skies!

The Oriental Peal Tower with blue sky and white clouds. (Click for hi-res view)

The Jinmao Tower with sky reflections off the building. (Click for hi-res view)

Shanghai Lujiazui looking from the Bund. (Click to view hi-res version)

Spectacular view looking at both sides of the Huangpu river from the Hyatt Hotel. (Click to view hi-res version)

Shanghai looking from the World Financial Center’s 91st floor. (Click to see hi-res view.)

Shanghai Lujiazui taken right outside the big mall. Notice the Apple store entrance at the lower right. Also notice the Shanghai Tower still under construction. It is anticipated to become the worlds tallest building. The jinmao and the World Financial Center buildings are blocked by the tall building to the right. Beautiful blue sky with white clouds. (Click to view hi-res version)

  1. August 2nd, 2012 at 16:50 | #1

    Below is a short time-lapse video I made from the vantage point of the Hyatt:

    Make sure to view it full screen at 1080p.

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