Bloomberg Passing Off Friday Funny As News

As usual, sensational claims, unattributed allegations like “Chinese military putting God-chip in electronics thru Chinese foundries”, invariably surface late Friday afternoons, so no one can question their veracity. And after swirling around unchallenged over the weekend, it’s The Truth come Monday. Here’s the report from Bloomberg:

Chinese government and major electronics manufacturers, are willing to compromise it’s profitable foundry business to put God-chip everywhere to spy on everyone in America

Correct me if I’m wrong, didn’t our media collectively poopoo’d China’s chip industry capability just few months ago, including Bloomberg?

After decades of failure and mistakes galore, China is finally cranking out commoditized stuff nobody touch anymore

Pray tell, how can piss poor Chinese chip makers make God-chip with all kinds of capabilities smaller than pencil tip? It’s one way or the other Bloomberg.

But NOOOOO, that is not the tip off this story is BS – IMO it’s the article’s first paragraph referencing HBO sitcom Silicon Valley’s Middle-out Compression Technology:

Lastly, despite of Bloomberg’s justification of providing anonymity, it is still illegal to disseminate classified information anonymously, according 18 U.S. Code § 798 – Disclosure of classified information.

4 thoughts on “Bloomberg Passing Off Friday Funny As News

  1. Well, not only Apple, Amazon, and Super-micro denied there is such a chip, but Homeland Security also denied it. I guess China must be a super villain not only able to compromise those major companies, but U.S. security apparatus as well. But of course the purpose of the article is not on U.S. government, but propaganda toward uninformed mass, the deplorables, and uninformed.

  2. That’s also assuming everyone up and down the Chain have been bought off, compromised, including the automated circuit tester programming, QC on both end, inside and outside the foundry that makes the board and the God-chip.

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